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1961: Our Beginnings

In 1961, Anthony Zito, at the age of 38, took the reins of Hegarty Moving and Storage Co., located in Rockaway Park, Queens, NY. Hegarty’s origins traced back to the turn of the century when it began as a summer enterprise, ferrying luggage for vacationers from all corners of New York City to the idyllic bungalows and summer cottages of the Rockaways. As the Rockaways transitioned into a year-round community, Hegarty evolved into a full-fledged moving and storage company.

Anthony instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in his children from an early age. His sons, Stephen and Vincent, would tackle their homework in his office after school, and then roll up their sleeves to help around the warehouse, learning the value of hard work and saving money. As they grew older, they used their earnings to put themselves through college.


1965-1974: Diversification and Expansion

By 1965, Anthony had successfully expanded Hegarty from a residential moving and storage firm into the realm of commercial services, ultimately becoming the primary mover for New York Telephone Co. During this time, he observed that his commercial customers were outsourcing various services they previously managed in-house. Seizing this opportunity, he founded Crown Cleaning Contractors, a janitorial service company.

In 1974, Stephen Zito, fresh out of college and after gaining a year of experience with Vignola Haulage, joined his father in the family business. Together, they incorporated Crown Cleaning Contractors into Zito & Zito Maintenance, Inc.


1976-1978: A New Focus

By 1976, Zito & Zito had expanded rapidly and profitably, prompting Anthony to divest Hegarty Movers and commit full-time to growing Zito & Zito.

In 1977, Vincent Zito completed his education and joined the ranks of Zito & Zito.


1978-1981: Specialized Services

In 1978, Zito & Zito introduced Office Moving Specialists (OMS) to cater to their clients’ needs for specialized space planning and furniture moving services. OMS coordinated a variety of services associated with commercial space renovations and swiftly made a name for itself by servicing esteemed clients like NYNEX, AT&T, and New York University.

In 1981, the Zito family established American Sun Control Systems (ASCS) to address the growing demand for energy conservation. ASCS specialized in installing solar-controlling window treatments, providing solutions for homeowners, retail businesses, and large commercial real estate owners, including prestigious projects like the American Airlines JFK Terminal Building.


1990-1994: New Horizons

In 1990, Anthony Zito retired, marking a shift in the company’s leadership.

By 1994, Industrial Floorworks emerged to meet the needs of customers seeking high-quality industrial floor coating installation and maintenance. It became the company’s fastest-growing and most profitable division, leading to a significant partnership with the Tennant Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of mechanized sweeping and floor scrubbing equipment.


1997: Focusing on Profitable Niche

Recognizing an untapped niche, in 1997, Zito & Zito decided to concentrate on building its Industrial Maintenance and Coatings Division. This move involved the elimination of low-profit service contracts, aligning their focus on providing industrial maintenance services and coatings for smaller industrial facilities in the New York Metropolitan Area.


2001-2016: Awards and Recognition

In 2001, Zito & Zito received the Contractor of the Year award from The Tennant Company, acknowledging their excellence in the industry.

In 2016, Industrial Floorworks achieved the status of Level Master Elite (LME) Contractor for Ardex, the world’s finest self-leveling underlayments and concrete toppings manufacturer, receiving special warranties.

Today, the Zito Family of Companies has evolved into a leading building service contracting firm, offering a wide range of services to major property owners and tenants across Long Island, Westchester, Northern New Jersey, Southern Connecticut, and New York City. Industrial Floorworks has installed millions of square feet of concrete coatings, toppings, and concrete polishing for some of the most prominent property owners and facilities in the tri-state area.

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