Concrete Transformation by Industrial Floorworks

At Industrial Floorworks, we specialize in the art of transforming plain and porous concrete floors into resilient, visually stunning surfaces. Our concrete polishing and staining services bring strength, longevity, and beauty to your industrial space.

Explore the exceptional advantages our services:


Unmatched Durability

Achieve ultra-dense, ultra-hard, and traffic-resistant floors.


Moisture Resistant

Say goodbye to moisture vapor issues.


Stunning Aesthetics

Enjoy gem-like colors and a brilliant shine.


Simple Maintenance

Easily clean, sanitize, and keep your floor dust-free.



Low installation and maintenance costs for lasting value.

Experience the Strength, Beauty, and Longevity of Polished Concrete Floors.

Some of the fine manufacturers whose products we install:

  • Ardex
  • Consolideck
  • L&M
  • Prosoco
  • Retroplate
  • Scofield
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Ashford Formula
  • Euclid Chemical
  • Key Resins
  • SIKA
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